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Melbourne Maru

k.  Melbourne Maru — On January 13, 1945 approximately 500 POWs that had arrived in Takao, Formosa on the Hokusen Maru on October 24, 1944 plus some survivors of the Arisan Maru boarded the Melbourne Maru.  The Melbourne Maru also carried about 20 British survivors of the Manila to Takao segments of the Oryoku MaruEnoura Maru and Brazil Maru voyages.  These men were part of a group of 37 British and Dutch POWs taken off at Takao on January 9, 1945 just before the Enoura Maru was bombed.  The Melbourne Maru sailed from Formosa on January 14, 1945 in the same convoy with the Brazil Maru; however, the Melbourne Maru arrived in Moji, Kyushu, Japan on January 23, 1945 – six days ahead of the Brazil Maru which had slowed to tow a crippled ship.